Welcome to The Recovery Organization of Chicopee, Massachusetts

What Do We Do?

The Recovery Organization of Chicopee, Massachusetts has been fighting drug and alcohol abuse since the early nineties. We have been a source of heart and soul within our community for these past decades. We have worked hard to provide the safe recovery of our neighbors.

Who Are We?

We are a network of business and faith-based groups who have grouped together to provide help and hospitality to those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Addiction is hard to battle alone. In The Recovery Organization of Chicopee, we believe in a group effort. No one person can stand by themselves against a coming storm. Only in joining together can people be effective at controlling their problems.

What Do We Believe?

We believe that those who do not have a family to give support to them deserve full attention to detail. That’s why our rehab center employs a staff committed to each patient. We have group therapy daily to share and discuss stories.

The Recovery Organization of Chicopee believes in every person who walks through their doors. Here we serve each need. Addiction is harmful to those who suffer it and their loved ones. This is the place where many people find peace, or at least a step toward, small as it may be.

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