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12 Step Addiction Treatment Program At ROCHP

The 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous is one of the oldest treatment programs you can find, and it’s also considered one of the standard procedures to follow in order to recover from almost every kind of addiction.

In this article, we’re going to analyze the AA twelve steps and explain what these types of programs are, where you can find them, how they can help addicts recover from their addictions, and whether the programs are effective or not.

What Is the 12 Steps Addiction Treatment Program?

The 12 step program was initially created and developed by Alcoholics Anonymous to set some guidelines in order to help alcoholics achieve a full recovery from their substance abuse problem. Over the course of time, these steps to recovery became really popular, so much so that other addiction recovery groups decided to take the 12 steps and adjust them to their own cases and needs.

Nowadays, there are several 12 step programs that are used in different kinds of addictions as well as compulsive behaviors. However, all the support groups use the same model of the original alcoholics anonymous 12 steps.

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The 12 steps of recovery are actually divided into two categories, which are respectively called twelve steps and twelve traditions. The main difference is that where the 12 steps focus more on the individual, the 12 traditions refer to the whole group. On the NCBI website, you’ll be able to find the principles as well as additional information on twelve-step based programs.

Keep in mind that even though the 12 steps of AA are mostly based on spiritual principles, a lot of nonreligious individuals have experienced these programs successfully and found them incredibly useful on their way to recovery. Moreover, it is believed that the more a patient personalizes these principles to fit their life, the more effective the program is.

How to Find a 12 Step Model Addiction Treatment Center Near Me?

Throughout the US, there are more than 50,000 AA groups and The Recovery Organization of Chicopee, Massachusetts is among them; therefore, finding addiction centers that offer twelve steps programs isn’t difficult at all. Rehab locator tool by Addiction Resource http://addictionresource.com/drug-rehab/locator/ helps to fo find an addiction treatment center based on twelve steps program in your area.

There are also thousands of support groups that specifically deal with different addictions and, ultimately, reaching out to them can be considered the first step towards a successful recovery.

Finding people who share your situation and talking to them can help you come in contact with the right addiction treatment center where you’ll be able to start the twelve steps program that suits you the most.

In the alternative, you can contact a treatment center close to your location or ask your friends and loved ones for help and support. These programs work well for many people, and they can even be life-changing; therefore, finding an available center as soon as possible can potentially make a significant difference.

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How 12 steps and 12 traditions help people in recovery?

The basis of the 12 and 12 models is the belief that different people can help one another reach a full recovery and maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The main way to achieve this goal is by attending group meetings in order to share their own experience with people who have similar problems and therefore support each other during the path.

Research shows that having positive mental health can help addicts maintain a sober lifestyle for a longer span of time. Abstaining together, as the 12 principles of AA recommend, can potentially increase the chances of successfully eliminating drugs from one’s life.

The 12 steps of NA not only offer support when a person wants to give up their addiction, but it also helps addicts process their experience and moves forward with their lives, helping them build new habits and patterns during the recovery time.

Ultimately, these programs offer tools that allow people to be able to change their behaviors in a positive and healthy way.

How Effective is a 12 Step Model?

Giving a precise percentage of how effective a 12 step program is can be quite difficult. AA is known for strictly protecting the identity of people who participate, and since the programs are anonymous as well, there isn’t exactly a lot of research available that can offer data on the matter.

However, thanks to a lot of success stories from former addicts, combined with the popularity of this method, we can safely say that the model is adequate.

Regardless of the exact success score, the twelve steps still offer encouragement, support, and suggestions to people who really wish to leave their addictions in the past, not to mention that regular meetings also help these individuals stay clean over time.

It has also been proven that addicts who enroll in a 12 steps program in addition to regular therapy usually experience a higher abstinence rate than those who don’t.

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