Drug Addiction

Dangers Of Drug Addiction

Many people often don’t realize the risks associated with drug addiction. The shame of addiction means that some families sweep the issues under the rug and don’t talk about it. It’s considered evidence that drugs can lead to ruining life and relationships. Specifics aren’t often listed. Drugs are against the law, but sometimes that just makes them more appealing to try.

Drug addiction escalates from occasional use because of tolerance: the bodies resistance to the effects of drugs. This means more and more drugs are needed to get the results desired. After time has passed consistent drug abuse can harm the body.

Here are ways that drugs harm the body:

  • Heart problems
  • Poor judgment
  • Seizures
  • Death

People become dependent on drugs without regard to the abuse their bodies are suffering. Many drug addicts overdose again and again without a care for their health. This often hurts and alienates loved ones, causing the afflicted to focus on their drug use even more.

Overcome Addiction
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Brain Chemistry Is Altered

Drug addiction changes brain chemistry and is a brain disorder. It changes the way people experience pleasure in life such as sex, taste, or even the ability to make decisions. It can permanently alter a brain. This is part of what can make addiction so hard to quit.

These issues can lead to increased depression or anxiety, issues with employment or housing, and enforce the continued cycle of drug use. Long-term physical and mental health problems are just some of the many dangers of drug abuse.

Drugs Are Illegal

As stated earlier, drugs are often illegal which can lead to legal issues for the afflicted. Charges for drug offenses can vary, but all can change a person’s life. Prison takes a person away from their family and relationships and puts a strain on them. This encourages them to seek out substance when they have nowhere to turn to after release.

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