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What Should I Know About Rehab?

The first step can often be admitting that you have a problem, but the first step to overcoming that problem is entering rehab.

Substance abuse rehab is where many drug and alcohol abusers go to get professional help for their addiction. There is no strict definition of how rehab works and that means there aren’t strict guidelines for success. This can lead people to be wary of rehab when they shouldn’t be. Recovering from addiction shouldn’t be tried alone.

Not All Rehabs Are The Same

Since so many rehabs are different, this actually means that there is more opportunity for an addict to find one that fits for them. Many follow the 12-Step Principles, but there are also those who mold their own path. Rehab and recovery programs take many forms and styles to find the best way to help people.

According to Medscape, drug overdose is the number one cause of injury-related death in the United States. Overdoses kill 44,000 people a year on average. This shows how vital rehab is to those who suffer from addiction. Help is necessary to recover and keep someone from becoming just another statistic.

It’s Long-Term

Rehab requires long-term commitment which can be a scary idea at first. Especially to an addict. Generally, for a long time, an addict was only consistent in their substance abuse. Now they need to be consistent in their recovery. Rehab is usually a two to a six-week program that involves rigorous treatment plans. Often this depends on the individual.

Drug detox (the process and experience of withdrawal) may not have to be a part of rehab for some people, though it usually is. So is individual or group therapies to help an addict open up and learn they are not alone in their struggles. Drug detoxing can lead to feeling vulnerable and weak. These therapy sessions help many succeed in overcoming this struggle.

Go To Rehab At Any Stage

An addict doesn’t need to hit “rock bottom” before finding their way to rehab. There doesn’t need to be some big event or disaster to lead them there. Often it is just time. Time for someone to realize that things need to change. Rehab is here to help facilitate that change. It is not an easy decision for someone to make. Going to rehab upends their life and changes everything they know. It takes a smart person to realize that’s what substance abuse already did.

Rehab is here to help a person recover.